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Ideal Body Language Of A Boy And Girl For A Marriage Meeting

Do you have the ability to sit through even the craziest rom coms which makes no sense to ordinary people? Or do you equate life with love and romance?

Imagine this, you lock eyes with a handsome man sitting across the dimly lit bar, and instantaneously 1000 questions run through your mind – is he single? Does he find me appealing? Is he sitting by himself because his date cancelled last minute?

Irrespective of the long yearned dream of falling in love with the man of your dreams and getting hitched thereafter – the truth remains, in India, approximately 90 percent of the marriages are arranged.

Having accepted this fact, how and what does one do while choosing the right partner through arranged marriage you ask? Easy! Tune in to Pavitra Rishta Matrimonial and explore undeterred passion as you adhere to the hereinafter body language tips and chops.

Considerable effort goes into building a strong relationship – effective communication, physical and emotional intimacy, respect for one another, to name a few. One key aspect of a healthy partnership that often goes unacknowledged is BODY LANGUAGE. Believe me or not, how your body naturally reacts when around your partner says a lot about your bond.

Here, the experts at Pavitra Rishta Matrimonial lay out five body language hacks that you can follow to make a lasting first impression and hearing the magical “YES” from him/her:

  • Look straight into the eyes as the two of you talk and get to know each other; it conveys a level of confidence and attentiveness, manifesting a sense of trust between the two.
  • Smile more often and set out a positive platform to build the conversation on. If flashing a warm smile is your first instinct, chances are you’re a positive person. People like being around positive people, so that’s only gonna encourage the other person to want to spend more time with you. Moreover, let’s face it, smiling is SEXY.
  • Firm handshakes! Yes, that’s a thing. A handshake can tell a lot about a person. If you’re meeting your partner for the first time, odds are you’d greet each other with a handshake. Make sure the handshake is a firm one, suggesting you are confident and interested in meeting them. And not the lousy kind which presumably gives away the impression that you’re not open or accepting of the relationship.
  • Lean in to take in and physically embrace your identity. Nod along the speaking points and make back channel responses like “Yes.” “Uhm” or “OK” to signal your level of patience and understanding.
  • Open up arms and hands in your partner’s direction. Surprisingly, these hand gestures go a long way in projecting support and reassures your partner.

Wrapping up, Pavitra Rishta Matrimonial would like to disseminate the word – “authenticity over perfection.” If you want to support your partner, do not fret over whether you’re providing the right kind of support. Two different individuals won’t hold up the same way as each other and that’s okay. Instead of looking for the ideal way to present yourself; go for what feels more natural and genuine to you. An authentic expression will likely mean a lot more to your partner than a canned response or dressed up emotion just for the heck of it.


Rakesh Sharma  rakeshs******* 08-10-2021

Very informative and well written I must say.

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Nice post. Very well written. Keep it up.

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