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Arranged Marriage First Meeting Questions For Girls

If you’re planning an arranged marriage, there’s high likelihood you’d be feeling a little anxious about the entire procedure. The whole charade of your parents showing you photographs of prospective partners, contacting their families, matching horoscopes and carrying out background checks can prove to be a little overwhelming. Then, there comes a time when you are expected to meet your eligible partner all alone and get to know them as deeply as possible!

Although it might seem like a daunting task, we at Pavitra Rishta have curated a checklist of the following questions below that would help you know the girl better and decide for good if you should go ahead with this proposal or NOT!

Remember that just like you even the girl may be nervous about this meeting. So, your ideal approach should be to start with ice breaker questions such as;

“What are your hobbies?”
“Describe your perfect day”
“What is your favourite cuisine?”

Note: If your girl is shy, then kick start the conversation by talking about yourself and then get her involved in the course.

Men! Please show interest in her career and education goals. A girl feels secure knowing that her prospective partner is interested in her career and education drive. Instead of chattering about your career goals and job, ask her about her future plans.

“What are your career goals?”
“Do you plan to work post marriage?”
“What led you to choose the profession you have chosen?”

Note: Steer clear of future fiascoes and communicate to your partner if working post marriage is not permitted in your household.
On meeting the girl for the first time, ask her views on marriage and expectations tied to it. It will help you understand better about her take on the institution of marriage.
“Do you think you’re ready for marriage?”

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