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Arranged Marriage First Meeting Questions For Boys

An arranged marriage is a consequential proposition because it’s a marriage arranged by two families and Pavitra Rishta – bearing in mind the financial, caste and educational parity. Even though an arranged marriage meeting is similar to a first date, meeting your prospective life partner is a lot more serious. For starters, both of your families are anxiously waiting to know if you think he is ‘the one’. So unlike a casual first date, it is imperative to ask meaningful arranged marriage questions to the man you are meeting.

Well, all of us do ask generic questions like, what are your work hours, how do you spend your weekends, or even whether you are an indoor or an outdoor person, etc. While these are good to set the tone for a conversation, you must know what you’re deciding on – committing a whole life together – and for that, Pavitra Rishta brings you a list of ten relevant and crucial questions that you need to ask the man you’re planning a future with.

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We know it sounds like you are taking his job interview, but it’s such a vital question that we do not recommend skipping it. Ideally, this should be the first arranged marriage questions for couples – both boys and girls alike! His personal and professional goals for the next 5 years will get you a hint about where his priorities lie and whether it’s aligned with your expectations from life or not.

2. What does your daily routine look like?

His everyday routine will shed light on his work timings, when he wakes up and goes to sleep, around what time he likes to have his meal, etc. Knowing this will help you understand where you fit into his schedule.

3. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Discover who he is beyond his work and education. If he’s someone who prefers to read or watch movies while you like to socialise and venture out, know that the marriage is bound to falter.

4. Do you plan on having kids?

Well it’s an arranged marriage date, so bringing up kids is not just okay, but very much essential. So if you’d like to have kids in future and he likes them from a distance or vice versa, you know this union is distasteful.

5. Do you plan on shifting to a different country or city after marriage?

Let’s accept it, it is not us but our jobs that decide where we’d be next. So, ask the guy about his job requirements, and if job transfers are a frequent eventuality, set your preferences beforehand. Take a plunge only when you are ready to move around with him if the situation demands.

6. Are you comfortable with the idea of a working wife?

If you’re a working woman, chances are you might not like to leave your job post marriage. A conservative husband or family, posing restrictions on your work might turn out to be a distressing setback. Hence, ask the man you’re meeting if he’s supportive of your career and ambitions.

7. Who are you closest to in your family?

Learn who he’s closest to; he could be close to his mother or siblings, or granny or a cousin. By asking this you’d know who the maximum influence on him, who he confides in and who his lifelies are.

8. Are you comfortable with my responsibilities towards my parents?

From emotional support to financial bearings, girls want to pick how they choose to stay involved in their parents lives even after they’re married. Make sure that the guy you’re meeting respects your parents and the responsibilities you got towards them.

9. Tell me something about your closest friends

Ask him about his friends for ‘birds of the same feather flock together’. What do they do, are they married? Where do they hang out together? What is their idea of a fun evening? Knowing about his friend circle will tell you what kind of company he likes to keep.

10.  Is there anything you absolutely cannot compromise on?

Asking this question will help you discover a great deal about his core principles and values. Whether its loyalty or honesty, his answer will offer substantial knowledge about the ground rules for the future and save you from future setbacks. You should have a clear picture of how flexible he is on things that are important to you but come on his no-compromise policy.

With each of his answers, you can evaluate whether you should take things a notch higher with him or not. So take your time, and do not rush into knowing all about him on day one itself, space it out and go with the flow.

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