We introduce ourselves as a passionate group of individuals who truly believes that marriage is the most sacred alliance of two hearts which not only lasts for a lifetime but blossoms beyond the realms of worldly life. It is not the ultimate objective of life, yet marriage helps to helps to shape and form objectives, which defines individuals for life.

Marwari community is widely known to be richly endowed with deeply rooted values which has tripped down through generations and is still practiced with dedication. Parents are often tipped against a challenge of finding the perfect soul mate for their children. We at pavitrarishtaindia.in ensure that this journey of finding the perfect match for Agarwal, Maheshwari and Jain families spread across the length and breadth of India remains a smooth process sans hassle, and our dream run has been in progress for over a decade. Incepted by Mr. Sunil Kejriwal, we at pavitrarishtaindia.in represent a lineage of matchmakers which dates back to almost a century.

Customised Service

What helps pavitrarishtaindia.in to stand out from crowd is that we approach and service each and every alliance exclusively with customised solutions. Our exclusivity lies in the fact that we are dedicated to the Marwari community, hence we understand the culture and values this community embodies, according to which we have aligned our services which abides by the rich tradition of the Marwari community.

Safeguard of Information

Over the years, we have been blessed with the opportunity to arrange marriage of a number of reputed Marwari families across India. We at pavitrarishtaindia.in have always ensured that the information regarding our client and their marriage remains leak proof and utmost confidentiality is maintained against access of private information against unauthorised entity.

Dedicated Service Commitment

Our commitment encompasses the entire journey from search of the perfect soul companion to the conclusion of the matrimony event as we believe that the each and every part of the process is closely interlinked with the other one. We take vow to emphasis on providing personalized service over material gains and provide with unique and best possible search result each time you choose us as your service partner in marriage of your dear ones.

Our Business Ethics

Our ambit of work encircles maintaining thread and needle precision in creating long term family alliances with the help of our creative technology with a human touch. Pavitrarishtaindia.in encourages a thriving office environment where all our team members are trained to provide you with personalised and unbiased services to each and every family who entrusts us with the responsibility of finding the perfect life partner for their kids.

Apart from dedicated manpower providing quality service, our technology promotes ideal theory which responds effectively to myriad range of keywords especially dedicated to the Marwari community. As a result, clients looking for multiple parameters for search can expect the best results sans compromise.


Our Modus Operandi

Pavitrarishtaindia.in operated in the following process in order to provide you with the best matrimonial service to you

  • Inception meeting

    with you to discuss your requirements and understand your taste and preferences.

  • A detailed in-house discussion

    wherein our team derives the right strategy for you through a brainstorming and idea sharing session.

  • In search of right profiles

    a scan through our community data bases in order to shortlist the closely matching profiles.

  • Setting up joint meeting

    A meeting between the two families is set up wherein we mediate in order to highlight the best qualities of the involved families

  • Follow up call for final decision

    Our telecommunication team make calls to both the families to get their final views on the possible alliance.

  • Making Successful alliance

    Once we receive consensus from both the participating parties, we proceed towards securing the final alliance through the matrimonial event.

Understanding the art of perfect match making comes from year of experience and dedication towards finding the basic requirement of a person. For some, couple compatibility is the last word while for others education and age difference plays the key factor. Pavitrarishtaindia.in have made a reputation of catering to ever changing requirement of our prospective clientele and provide customized solutions in juxtaposition of latest technology and humane relation management which makes the entire process of life partner selection to finalisation a hassle free and smooth journey

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